About us

BlankIT is an innovative company, providing the very latest electronic configuration, diagnostic support and secure data destruction to the mobile device industry.

Based in the UK, we’re a rapidly growing company with a strong team of highly skilled, likeminded individuals who help us to drive our vision.

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We offer a variety of services for mobile devices and consumer electronics, handled by a staff with years of experience spread among various fields.  We always ensure to work to highest standards and stay at the forefront of what is current within technology.

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Be safe, BlankIT

Security is at the core of everything we do – which is why there’s no outdoor signage to give the game away. We’re creatures of habit and security is part of our company culture, which means that every member of our team is on board (almost to a state of paranoia).

With years’ of experience in the industry we understand the importance of making sure your stock is secure…and our reputation relies on it!

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We have a particular kind of person working at BlankIT. If you believe you would fit in with the team then you’re a special kind of person and we are interested in talking to you about our future together.